{Extraodinary Healers – CURE} Published Work

Late last year, some of you may know that I had two assignments for CURE for their Extraordinary Healers book that was to be published this spring.  I was absolutely honored to be a part of this project.  The background of the project is that cancer patients nomiate their extraordinary nurses who go above and beyond during their journey in healing.  Truly these nurses are the most amazing people, they are the kindest souls you will ever meet.  When I was calling them to set up these assignments you could hear it in their voices, everything was about their patients, even when it would complicate their schedules.

These patients and nurses are truly a testament of strength and courage when often times I’m sure they wanted to give up.  Talking to them about their healing journey gave me hope and strength and gave me renewed faith in life.

I submitted my work to CURE not knowing what images would be selected.  I was told by CURE that I would be receiving something “additional” with my copy of the book.  Yesterday (February 18), my copy arrived.  Of course I quickly went through the table of contents to find where Ginny and Martha’s essays would be found and to find their photos and I was so delighted with the images they selected, everything looked beautiful.  I closed the book and looked at the cover.  I looked at it a second time.  I realized then that they selected an image from my session with Martha & Judy at UNC Hospital for the cover of the book. 

I can’t begin to express my thanks to CURE, Glenn Zamora and Martha and Judy.  If it wasn’t for all of them, this wouldn’t be possible.  I am so terribly humbled by this.  Here now, is the cover and the images with the essays.  Thank you again and thank you for reading.



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