{Healing} Extraordinary Healers – CURE Media

Every time I work with CURE Media, I take something away from it.  This year’s project was definitely no different.  When I was contacted in late fall to work with them on their 3rd installment of their Extraordinary Healers book (my 2nd time working on their book), I immediately said I would.  The book is a documentary collection of photos and essays of cancer nurses and their patients.  These extraordinary nurses who are truly, the most amazing people you will ever meet, who give so much of themselves every day to their patients.  Patients who are so very sick…and they give, and give.

This year was particularly challenging because the patients were not well and in some cases has already passed before I had the chance to document them.  So it was especially emotional for me.  I remember leaving one of the nurses and just crying.  I can’t imagine how these nurses can give so much of themselves everyday knowing the odds their patients have.

So THANKYOU to these amazing women….you truly touched my life.  And as always, thank you CURE for doing what you do and allowing me to be a part of it.



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